English Italiano Nederlands #10.0 — March, 2023
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Contact your
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Luit Visser
08030 Atzara (NU), Italy

Contact your private translator..

Su chi non creo giustu a perrer meu
Chi Deus si sia mai interessadu,
De dar’a chie su male, a chie su bene
Commente oe sos bigottos crene.

Download Sardinian sacrilege,
Sa Mundana Cummedia
by Salvatore Poddighe
(Sardinian and English texts juxtaposed)

Voices from the Barbagia and Mandrolisai:
Murder in Atzara
A Miner's Luck

Grazia Deledda—Burghers, Shepherds, Sex & Money
and a Whiff of Sulphur

Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager introduces Rotterdam into your Bed Room

Machiavelli is glad to be dead.
His latest execrations